Tax Planning

Making smarter choices to protect your wealth

When it comes to tax planning, we keep an holistic eye on investment management, estate planning and advanced strategies.  Guide will also prepare tax returns for our Wealth Management clients.

Tax integration

Guide will work with your existing tax advisors to craft a cohesive financial plan.  This communication will allow us to not just take an approach of reporting ‘what happened’ but rather create a well thought out approach to taxable events through the year, creating an efficient system.

Tax aware asset location

Asset location is key to effective tax planning.  It will arise at several points during the planning process, such as when examining the location of investible assets placed within tax advantaged or non advantaged accounts for capital growth. Additionally, for other assets such as creating trust and estate devices to handle property ownership, reducing individual burdens.  It is important to consider both State and Federal level impact of tax decisions.

Tax Loss Harvesting

Tax Loss Harvesting occurs within our investment management solution, the tax planning aspect of it comes into play once you have successfully harvested the taxes.  We explore methods to apply the harvested losses in the most efficient manner possible, including ordinary income offsetting.  We also can advise on the impact of tax gain harvesting, to capture step up basis on investments.

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