Retirement Planning

Interactive, collaborative solutions
With Guide Wealth Management, you can expect a sophisticated and personalized retirement plan. Our approach will systematically examine all aspects of your asset allocation and investment strategy, looking for opportunities to lower fund costs, create stability, and reduce risk. One of the biggest fears people have is outliving their assets.  In order to address this we build sophisticated financial models to examine all aspects of your income and expenses.

Social Security Evaluation

The decision on when to take Social Security payments is a complicated one, at Guide, we’ll run through the different options available to you, and help provide insights into what these choices will make to your total plan.  The service is personalized, as no two people are the same.

  • Take payments at 62
  • Take at age 67
  • Delay until 70
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Social Security payments may be taken up to 60 months early.  Doing so can create a penalty of up to 30% vs taking payments at full retirement age. Delaying social security until age 70 can increase payments by 24%.  For further reading, please see ‘Early or Late’ by the SSA.

Monte Carlo Simulations

We use complex modelling techniques to run your plan through thousands of simulated economic events. Pressure testing the ability to  stand the test of time.


Original plan


Some changes


Fully optimized

Cash Flow Planning

We understand that people have many goals from retirement, and part of the planning process is being able to visualize what is required to attain them.  We use advanced modeling to create clarity, and show how the decisions we make today will impact our assets for tomorrow. Such modelling allows us to bring together the mutual needs of a family, and clearly show overlapping goals and their impact on future cash flow.  We factor in investment returns, and also use this opportunity to show how changing markets and rates of return may impact future plans.

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We offer a free ‘get to know one another’ call to see if there is a fit, we can discuss your goals and needs during the call and mutually decide if your situation would benefit from working with Guide.