Investment Management

The engine that drives the financial plan

Guide Investment Management

Investment management is the engine that drives the wealth plan.  Our goal is to create an investment strategy that is most likely to meet your needs, with the lowest amount of risk necessary.  Our strategy is firmly placed within low cost, diversified investments.  We will often utilize low cost ETFs and no load mutual funds to achieve our clients goals.
Guide offers investment management services as a stand alone solution, and also in conjunction with our financial planning services to create the wealth management package.  If you aren’t sure which service is best for you, feel free to reach out to us.

Our Beliefs


Expected return must be correlated to risk level.


Diversification will create protection for assets


Asset Location is as important as Asset Allocation.


Fees Matter

Our goal will be to migrate your portfolio away from investments that are inherently costly, which may have been sold to you over the years.  These can include certain types of high fee mutual fund, and other structured products.  Additionally, we would want to diversify away excessive risk connected with holding single stock positions, until such time as your portfolio is robust and sizable enough to safely hold them.

We want to look at all your investments, and seek to find areas for optimization, this includes considering broader correlations, such as how inflows from employment, or from investment property might influence the brokerage portfolio.

Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.

–  Clare Boothe Luce

Our long term strategy is to shift our clients into streamlined, efficient investment strategies.  We believe that an overly convoluted financial situation is an opportunity for firms to bury fees, and create unrealistic expectations.  The act of creating this simplified strategy is an ongoing process, which needs to consider the type of asset and the timing of the transactions.

Our Fees

Investment Management Services are offered as a Stand Alone service with their own fee structure, starting at 0.6%.
  • <p>$0 – $1,000,000</p> 0.60% 0.60%
  • <p>$1,000,001 – $5,000,000</p> 0.30% 0.30%
  • <p>Above $5,000,000</p> 0.15% 0.15%


Investment Management is included for our Wealth Management Clients

Investment Management fees are often 0.99% or more [source PriceMetrix Page 5] At Guide, we believe that its time for that to change.  For clients who only use our investment management service, our fee starts at 0.60% (60bps) and tiers down based upon asset size.  Wealth Management clients pay a flat fee which ecompasses for Comprehensive Financial Planning and Investment Management services.

An holistic view

When we consider your asset allocation we take the big picture into account.  It simply isn’t enough to ask a few basic questions and present a model, instead we consider where the bulk of your wealth is today, and build support around that.  This creates a robust plan.  When it comes to asset allocation, everything should be considered, such as assets tied up in residences, and income sources.  We seek to diversify as many of these channels as possible.


At Guide we believe that every asset allocation model should be simple, low cost and effective.  However, in order to create this situation it is often necessary to take calculated steps to transition from an existing allocation to a new, highly efficient one.  It is critical to carefully examine the basis of the positions to prevent the negative impact of capital gains.

Model Portfolios

We believe in creating model investment portfolios that are constructed of low cost ETFs, and are positioned in such a way as to favor tax advantages.  We create models based upon risk tolerance and personal goals and manage the reallocation of assets within the model for you.  We do not attempt to time the market, we seek value through diversification, low fees, and tax alpha.

Schedule a Conversation

We offer a free ‘get to know one another’ call to see if there is a fit, we can discuss your goals and needs during the call and mutually decide if your situation would benefit from working with Guide.