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What services does Guide provide?

We offer two service levels; Wealth Management, and Investment Management.  Wealth Management includes comprehensive financial planning, investment management, and tax preparation.  This covers everything from developing budgets, to coordinating estate plans and trusts with your attorney.


  • Wealth Management: combining financial planning and investment management in an end to end solution.
  • Investment Management: a stand alone service with sophisticated solutions, including model portfolios, rebalancing, tax loss harvesting, stock diversification, and derivatives.
What is the Fiduciary Standard?

Within the investment advisor world there are two standards that apply.  The Fiduciary Standard and the Suitability Standard.  This means that a client may go to two different advisors, and be given completely different advice.  The Fiduciary Standard means that a company acts with your best interests in mind at all times. The Suitability Standard means that the advisor will find something that fits a general suitability parameter, and then sell you that.


A client is suitable for an investment in equities, based on risk profile and level of wealth.  If there were two funds, one a low cost ETF with an annual fee of 0.1% and another with a fee of 1%, but paid an advisor 0.5% commission, the following may occur:

  • The Fiduciary Standard following advisor would recommend the 0.1% ETF and not take the commission.  They would break their Fiduciary trust by doing so.
  • The Suitability Standard following advisor could recommend the 1% fund, and take their commission, they do not have to mention the ETF.

At Guide, we believe that following the Fiduciary standard is the best way to find an advisor that you can trust, which is why we are happy to call ourselves a firm that believes and follows the Fiduciary Standard.

What does 'fee only' mean?

Fee only financial planning means that we will never suggest a product that provides us with a commission.  This significantly reduces conflicts of interest between the ourselves and our clients, and we feel is the most aligned compensation system.

The only fees we earn are paid directly by our clients, that way, you know we have your back.

What don't you do?

We don’t sell products.  Our recommendations will never contain a solution that pays us a commission, which means we don’t sell life insurance, and we don’t sell fee laden funds.  Our goal is to provide the best advice for you, the client, and eliminate as many conflicts of interest as possible in this process.

What is your approach to wealth management?

At Guide, we believe that wealth management should be a collaborative, and interactive experience.  Traditional wealth management was often a one sided activity, where your advisor would collate some information from your background, disappear briefly to create a plan, and reappear with an often cumbersome printed report.

We want you involved at every step, and we know that plans are constantly evolving.  So we created a platform where you can interact at every stage of the planning process, constantly tweaking and adjusting goals to reflect the dynamic events of your life, and finding a solution that makes you feel comfortable and secure.

How do I get started?

The first step is to schedule a call to discuss what you are looking for, we discuss your current situation and explore your goals during this call and decide if there might be a fit.  We only want to work with you if we can make a tangible difference to your situation, and offer you exceptional value.

We will only enter into a financial planning relationship after we have completed the following steps:

  1. Initial Conversation
  2. Follow up questions via email or telephone
  3. Written outline of scope of relationship
  4. Signed a letter of engagement

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