Estate Planning

Expert techniques for passing your wealth forward

Estate Planning

Everyone needs an Estate Plan.  It starts with a quite simplistic set of documents, including a Will, Power of Attorney and Health Care Directives, and from there the level of sophistication should match the amount of wealth in question. We are not attorneys, but we will help you connect with them when necessary to implement strategies that we discuss.  A key part of our service is being able to identify relevant concerns tailored to your unique needs.  We work on a priority basis, finding areas to address and optimize based upon your current estate plan (if any) and your goals.


Key Estate Planning Documents

The key documents for any Estate Plan include: Wills, Healthcare Proxy, Durable Power of Attorney and Living Will.  We will examine existing documents to ensure that they are designed to meet with your objectives, and make recommendations where appropriate.  Once clients reach a certain level of wealth, Trusts become a core part of any plan.


Designations are a very important, and oft overlooked part of the estate plan.. Firstly, designating who will physically take care of matters if you are unable to, which include guardianship of minors, and designating trustees to manage assets.  Secondly it is critical to ensure that existing assets are titled correctly in order to flow through the estate with the least impact from taxation.

Estate Flow Charts

We leverage the best in technology solutions to model how assets will flow through the Estate, this will prompt discussions on retitling, the need (or not) for trust vehicles, and advanced planning techniques to reduce or eliminate taxation of the Estate.

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