Employee Benefit Evaluation

We'll take a second look, to optimize your situation

Our employee benefit evaluation service will examine your current benefits and optimize them to help achieve your financial goals.  This can be as simple as exploring 401(k) matching policies, or as complex as creating diversification strategies to protect incentive stock options, or examining the cost benefit analysis Net Unrealized Appreciation elections of company stock.


Employee Benefit Analysis

We’ll explore your current employee benefit package to ensure that you are maximising it, and create a gap analysis which will help identify where savings and assets should be allocated to achieve the most robust financial plan.

Employee Stock Diversification

Employee compensation plans often involve stock options and stock grants.  We’ll work with you to ensure that you get the best from these plans, and discuss strategies to diversify risk while maintaining preferred taxation status through correct holding periods.

Pension Analysis

We’ll look into your pension plan to see how it fits into your overall financial picture, including exploring social security integration or penalties attached to it.

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